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About Us

Our Story
Orlando Hot Tub Store is family owned, by Mike Stansfield and Dave Fox. We’ve been in business for over 30 years in the Orlando area and are the premier dealer and installer for both portable, and in-ground spas. We are the only store with 2 license contractors on staff, so you can rest easy that any job in our hands will be perfectly customized and have a world class completion.

Orlando Hot Tub Store focuses on Performance and Benefit Delivery

Orlando Hot Tub Store focuses on the Details


Our many hot tub brands and lines are designed with all body types in mind, offering anatomic therapy that’s second to none.

Orlando Hot Tub Store hot tubs are from the Heartland and Green!

Orlando Hot Tub Store offers Brands that are “Made in the USA,” and we are serious about energy efficiency, and conservation.

We Focus On Fun!

Without fun, there would be no way to call our hot tubs “The ultimate Hot Tub Experience!” many brands and designs help you to relax and/or party. Just explain your needs and we’ll help you create whatever mood you desire!

In addition to our goal of becoming the best hot tub and spa supplies company in the Orlando area, we’ve opened up Orlando Hot Tub Store as our answer to the question: “What happens when we form a company that is a reflection of what is most important to us?” In the process of answering the question, we discovered that we all shared the same spiritual and ethical principles:

  • We live by The Golden Rule
  • We believe work is a place where people should be treated with respect and dignity
  • Our employees’ and customers’ values and feelings matter to us
  • We promote inclusion, personal growth and individual freedom in the workplace
  • Our work does not compromise the importance of our families
  • Our business supports our community
  • We value safety and respect for the environment
  • Oh, and we like to have fun too!

We guess you could say we “want it all” and we are trying to “attain the impossible” but that’s OK by us. We understand that as imperfect humans, we can’t attain anything like perfect adherence to our principles but our aim is to do everything we can to live by what is most important to us. Our hope is that in doing so, your experience here at Atlantic Spa is a positive reflection of our commitment to our values.


– Mike Stansfield and Dave Fox

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